MAKING A FISH JAR IN PHOTOSHOP (a simple sort of tutorial)

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            painting a silly fish in a glass jar for… PIRATE FISHING RPG (there will be more forthcoming)      and don’t spend too much time fretting about details, since it’s going to be tiny. … Continued

Smoothing brush strokes in Photoshop (and other apps) with LazyNezumi

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I’ve been using this lazynezumi tool to achieve similar brush smoothing to Paint Tool Sai. Since Photoshop doesn’t have brush stabilization built in, making a smooth stroke is pretty annoying depending on your tablet. Almost all digitizers are prone to … Continued

Jetpack and tumblr for wordpress

posted in: Dev Blog, tutorials | 0   We are now using this jetpack plugin to crosspost to tumblr, so here’s our first test post with it. Tumblr Crosspostr just didn’t work and would throw up a bunch of oauth problems — one of the things … Continued

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