Smoothing brush strokes in Photoshop (and other apps) with LazyNezumi

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I’ve been using this lazynezumi tool to achieve similar brush smoothing to Paint Tool Sai. Since Photoshop doesn’t have brush stabilization built in, making a smooth stroke is pretty annoying depending on your tablet. Almost all digitizers are prone to some pen wobble, meaning you usually have to force a very fast pen stroke to get a smooth line or curve.

Particularly useful for anyone who has unsteady hands, or needs to have a more controlled stroke, or those of you who bought a Surface Pro 3, lol.

Works really well for reducing cleanup and getting smoother lines without having to draw superfast/undo/superfast/undo etc… I’ve developed a nicely-pronounced Ctrl-Z claw hand over the years.

I’ve cut down on the amount of clean-up with this tool, so I’ll be purchasing the full version when the 30-day trial (fully-featured) ends. There’s quite a lot you can do with the tool, including adding extra cursors — I quite like the mega cursor, which overlays a huge cross that comes in handy for eyeballing the position of stuff.

Also, I had to enable eraser smoothing in Settings > Edit Photoshop Options > eraserTool should have a cross marked next to it.